Benetfeld Road, Binfield. RG42 4EW
01344 305500

About us

The Foxes’ Den Community Café has been a little sparkle of an idea for many years…

Sarah was the champion from the start, working tirelessly on spreadsheets and business plans and talking to everyone who would listen about how Foxley Fields would be the perfect place to share more with the community of Binfield.  Claire came on board much later and was very excited by the project; she was swept away by the idea of a community focused café, that provides quality and company.

The vision was for the café to become…

…a hub where people can come, spend time with friends and family, learn new skills, make new friends and foster strong community links and support local art, talent and businesses.

Our Aims:

  • For everyone and anyone to be able to enjoy a lovely cup of tea or coffee and a warm welcome at the Foxes’ Den
  • Our food will be sourced as close to the local area as possible, and we will look to stick to a selection of cakes, as well as a healthy range of snacks and food.
  • All children’s food and drinks would be as free from processed sugars where possible
  • To host a series of events and workshops on a regular basis and be a space for people to meet, network and connect
  • To sell local produce – e.g. local honey, marmalade, jewellery, crafts etc.
  • Our staff will be the key to the success of the café. We want to establish a café that is known as going above and beyond.