Benetfeld Road, Binfield. RG42 4EW
01344 305500

We are a CIC!

When we first wanted to open, this text was part of the application to be a Community Interest Company (CIC):

The proposal is to provide community space and events for the parish of Binfield, part of Bracknell Forest. The space will be there to serve the local community to come together to join in with a range of events (both free and paying) for all ages and demographics. The events and activities will be subsidised by the commercial revenue generated by the Community Interest Company, The Foxes’ Den.

The Foxes’ Den will become a hub where the people of Binfield Parish can come, spend time with friends and family, learn new skills, make new friends and foster strong community links and support local art, talent and businesses.

The community space lends itself to encouraging more people to use the local park and recreational area in the heart of the village. It also will provide and maintain much needed toilet facilities to those using the green space.

What does it mean to be a CIC?

In essence, we lie between a business and a charity. We are set up as a limited company but legally 65% of any profits have to go back to the community.

In reality, the whole set up of the Den is aimed at providing a community facility, with on-going community invitations, activities and classes. So even in the times when we have struggled to make any profit we are still providing for our community. To-date 100% of any profit has been reinvested.

What do we do?

The warm and welcoming coffee shop space seats 60 people inside and a further 50 outside (in the warmer weather) and we have a small gift shop and pantry for local producers to sell their wares and a large craft/activity table that can be booked. We employ 16 locals, one with additional needs. We fulfil our remit to support local small businesses by hosting regular pop-up shops and classes. We also offer, either free or subsidised, community activities ranging from seated pilates to toddler crafts. Our community jigsaw is always available to enable lone visitors to not feel at a loose end.